Web-based Software Links

Halifax County Public Schools utilizes a variety of web-based software and services to accommodate the needs of our faculty and staff. You may click on the appropriate link to go to the login page of the desired software or service.


HCPS EmailHmail

HCPS email service is hosted by Google (We like to call it Hmail). Along with providing an efficient email system, Google Apps gives our faculty and staff the tools for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, along with a shared calendaring system to coordinate meetings and events.


HCPS Documents

HCPS used to maintain a secured intranet for the purpose of sharing important in-house documents and forms. We have since moved these intranet documents to Google Apps. These documents and forms are shared with all faculty and staff through their Google Apps account.


IEP OnlineIEP Online

IEP Online is utilized by our special education teachers to create and manage the student education process.


Infinite CampusInfinite Campus

Infinite Campus provides integrated tools needed to streamline student administration, enable stakeholder collaboration and individualize instruction. The entire system is web-based so educators, parents and students have access to information from anywhere at any time. The system also serves as a district-wide data warehouse allowing student data to be entered once and leveraged across the entire district supporting data-driven decision making.


Destiny Library Mgr.Destiny

The Destiny Library Managerâ„¢ combines circulation, cataloging, searching, reporting and management in one centrally installed library software system.