HCPS SubFinder

Halifax County Schools will go live using SubFinder on November 6th. November 6th absences can be reported as soon as you register with SubFinder but you should only report absences from November 6th.

Employees must register with SubFinder before reporting absences. Please read the information below regarding SubFinder employee and substitute registration.


SubFinder Web address is https://halifax.subfinderonline.com
The Phone Number for SubFinder is 1-855-680-0965.
For Subs: The Phone number that will call Substitutes is 570-651-4588


Employee Instruction Guides

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Acrobat ReaderSubFinder Employee Guide

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SubFinder Employee Tutorial Video


Substitute Instruction Guides

Acrobat ReaderSubFinder Substitute Registration

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Acrobat ReaderSubFinder Substitute Guide

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SubFinder Substitute Tutorial Video