• A Tasty Math Lesson in Second Grade
    Second grade students in Ms. Roller's class at Scottsburg Elementary demonstrated their understanding of place value by using crackers, pretzels, and marshmallows to represent base-ten blocks. 

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  • Scottsburg Elementary's Pirate Exploration
    Scottsburg Elementary's librarian, Ms. Ashley White took students into a world of pirates during library time!  Each grade level read a pirate themed book and did various pirate activities.  Such activities included:  exploring the…
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  • Cell's Have Arrived at the Fair!
    Fifth graders recently created plant and animal cells at Sinai Elementary. Their innovative projects are currently on display at the Halifax County Fair. [ Read More ]


  • Students of the Month for October 2017 at Scottsburg Elementary
    Congratulations to the students of the month for October.  At Scottsburg Elementary, each class has a student of the month.The student is given a certificate, and it is posted outside of his or her door for the entire month.  To be chosen for… [ Read More ]


  • Kindergarten Hosts Family Night Out At CSES
    The kindergarten team at CSES recently hosted a family night at the school.  Families traveled through all of the kindergarten classrooms and learned about the PALs test, websites, and various activities that can be used at home to assist… [ Read More ]


  • Attendance Awareness Month Big Prize Winner At CSES
    September was Attendance Awareness Month across the country.  CSES recognized the homerooms each day that had perfect attendance.  Students in each grade level with perfect attendance each week were eligible for prizes.  Pictured with… [ Read More ]


  • Sinai Elementary September Students of the Month

    The following students were recognized as Students of the Month on September 29, 2017.  Jordyn Walton, Talia Townes, Chase Lacks, Karlee Wright, Joshua Tutor, Ty’Asia Adams, DeMaje Barksdale, Shy’heim Lawson, NaTavia Brandon, Kamdyn…

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  • HCMS Observed Attendance Month
    September was Attendance Awareness Month - students were working hard to reach their goal for the month as they hurried in to be on time.  .   [ Read More ]


  • Meadville Math Fun
    Fourth graders at Meadviile Elementary had fun while actively engaged in math and working in teams during the SCOOT game. [ Read More ]


  • Meadville Fourth Graders Study Watersheds
    Meadville fourth graders engaged in building watershed models. They teamed with a partner so they could test water pollution runoff.
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