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Current Announcements

HCMS Announces "English Night!"

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Halifax County Middle School will sponsor "English Night" on Thursday, November 20 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the middle school cafeteria.  Parents will get the chance to talk to teachers as they share SOL information and resources.  Parents and students will also get the opportunity to complete English activities. Dinner will be served!  Come out and join us for an afternoon of knowledge and fun.

HCMS Honors Veterans

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HCMS faculty, staff and student body paused on November 11 to give honor and show appreciation to all Veterans.  HCMS faculty and staff saluted middle school veterans with a moment of silence.  Mr. Ben Woosley sang the National Anthem followed by a special tribute.  Ms. Misty Lloyd's English class made flags with words of appreciation in honor of veterans and the role they play in our country.  In the main office, three trees are lit in symbolic remembrance of our Veterans.  

HCMS Honors Faculty and Staff Veterans

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HCMS honor those veteran faculty and staff members on Tuesday, November 11 with a special tribute and appreciation for their service in the armed forces.  Pictured are Aubrey Mitchell, Toni Perkins, Officer Edmunds, Robert Asbury, William Curtis, Robert Wallace, Daniel Edmonds and Melvin Barksdale.  We appreciate these service men and women.

HCMS 6th Grade Team Recognized for Highest Attendance Percentage

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Miss D. Coles' homeroom was recognized for having the highest percentage of attendance for the month of October.  The class proudly celebrates a 98% attendance rate.  Students were congratulated for this accomplishment and received candy as a token of appreciation.  

HCMS 8th Grade Motivational Session!

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8th grade students met together to discuss end of the 9-weeks accomplishments.  Ms. Bruce discussed with students the importance of doing your best daily, following all rules and setting goals while working to be successful.  

HCMS Participate In McTeacher's Night

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Halifax County Middle School faculty and staff partnered with McDonald's as they participated in "McTeacher's Night!"  Middle school staff worked in both restaurants as they took orders from the drive-thru,  greeted customers and prepared orders.  HCMS staff enjoyed working at the restaurants and look forward to participating again later on during the school year.

McDonald's Supports HCMS!

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McDonald's recently contributed a donation to Halifax County Middle School for participating in McTeacher's Night.  

HCMS 6th Grade Students Attend STEM Activities

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Halifax County Middle School students participated in the "You Are the Engineer of Your Career!" sponsored at SVHEC.  Pictured are students listening to a presentation and first-hand use of a laser scanner in reproducing an object.

HCMS Complete Marshmallow Challenge

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Students experienced simple but profound lessons in collaboration, innovation, and creativity as they attempt to engineer the tallest structure using spaghetti, tape, string and a marshmallow.

HCMS Parents and Students Review Math Tips

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Teachers, parents and students watch as math teacher C. Henderson illustrates math strategies used in Algebra IA.

HCMS Students Celebrate School Pride!

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Pictured are just a few of the many students who showed their school pride by wearing orange and blue. 

HCMS SCA Decorates for Fall

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Halifax County Middle School SCA members created a fall decoration for the outside of the school building.  The festive creation was designed and put together by members of the SCA.  Ms. LaTonya Sadler, SCA sponsor is pictured with the newly-elected SCA officers.

HCMS Math Night!

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Halifax County Middle School staff planned an informative and exciting Math Night on Thursday, October 30 for parents and students.  More than 150 parents and students attended to learn new SOL information and to become aware of the many strategies and tips needed for student success.  Teachers informed parents of ways they could assist their child in completing assignments.  Math games that could be used for family night were shared.  Everyone had a great fun-filled evening.  A hotdog supper was served with the fixings.  

HCMS Students Celebrate "Orange and Blue Day!"

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Students at Halifax County Middle School celebrated "Red Ribbon Week - Drug Free for Life!" by wearing orange and blue.  Students participated in a variety of activities in observance of this special week.

6th Grade Math Students Find Probability

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6th grade students in Mrs. J. Crenshaw's math class collected data in finding the probability using Skittles.  Data was collected and compiled into a table.  Students were able to predict the specified outcome, collect and organize data, interpret graphs and communicate using probability terms.  

HCMS Teachers' Night At McDonalds

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Halifax County Middle School teachers and administrators will be serving at McDonalds at both locations in Riverdale and Centerville on Tuesday, October 28 from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.  This will be a great opportunity for parents to meet the HCMS staff and enjoy an evening out.  See you at McDonalds!

Arts Projects on Display at HCMS

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Halifax County Middle School art students displayed an attractive series of art work in the media center.  Students were assigned projects that allowed them to use their creativity in art design.  The objects were subject to aesthetic criteria and were unique designs of sculptures and paintings.  These projects are displayed in the HCMS media center for viewing by staff and peers.

"Starving Marvin" Visits HCMS on October 20!

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That's right ..... "Starving Marvin" will visit HCMS on October 20 at 10:00 a.m.  Students will get the chance to see and visit "Starving Marvin" and witness some of the interesting things that he can do.  "Starving Marvin" will personally thank the 6th grade students for the great job they did with the PTO's first fundraiser for the year.  He will also bring a special treat to Mrs. Gwen Smith-Mangum, 6th grade administrator.  Do you know what that "special treat" will be?  Make sure to follow this website for pictures of this visit.  


News Through The Year

HCMS Celebrates "Red Ribbon Campaign"
DID YOU KNOW?  Children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those who don't; yet, only a quarter of teens report having these conversations. 

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"Math Night" at HCMS
HCMS will observe "Math Night" on Thursday, October 30th. Teachers and students will demonstrate activities and tips needed in helping students to succeed.  Math games, hands-on-activities and ideas on how parents can assist in helping students .. Read More


HCMS FBLA Visits WSET TV Station
The HCMS Future Business Leaders of America went on a Field Trip, Thursday, October 23, 2014 to WSET television station, in Lynchburg, VA.  They were treated to a tour of the facilities and met with someone in advertising, saw two of the control room .. Read More


HCMS PBIS Committee Defines Action Plan
HCMS staff members meet to discuss upcoming PBIS/VTSS plans.  The School Improvement Committee met with Dr. Richard J. Bowmaster the VTSS Coach and Ms. Lanett W. Brailey, T-Tach Program Specialist to discuss upcoming actions needed in devel
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HCMS FFA Fruit Sales!

FFA/Ag. Dept. Fruit Sale 2014

Navel Oranges…….small box $22…….large box $31

Tangelos…….small box $19…….large box $26

Grapefruit…….small box $18…….large box $25

Juice Oranges…

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HCMS Counselors Start "Bullying Sessions!"
Bullying affects most children at some point in their lives. Whether it takes the form of subtle name-calling or blatant physical abuse, bullying presents a real problem in a school environment and it may stunt a child's growth mentally and socially. &nbs .. Read More


"Kiss A Pig Day" At HCMS
It was certainly the conversation at Halifax County Middle School on October 20 when Starvin’ Marvin visited for his special kiss.

Grade levels competed against each other as they supported and participated in the PTO’s first fundraiser of the .. Read More


Choices 180 Is On the Move at HCMS
Halifax County Middle School students are participating again with Choices 180.  Choices 180 is an anti-gang/bullying  movement that works to encourage students to make the right choices in life.  It was started in 2013 by Everett Thomas an .. Read More


2014-15 HCMS Prince and Princess
Halifax County Middle School celebrated Homecoming 2014 with excitement and lots of Lion Pride.  Tuck Dillard Stadium was the place to be on Wednesday night as the Lions met the Laurel Park Lancers for some great middle school football action.   .. Read More


HCMS Participates In NASA Experiences!
Faculty, staff and students are busy preparing plans for the upcoming trip to SVHEC as the 6th grade teams plan their visit.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in the "You Are The Engineer of Your Career!" program.  Ses .. Read More