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HCMS 7th Grade Student Recognized by Mayor and Governor
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Pictured are Skyla Rain - winner of the Region 7 "If I Were Mayor Essay Contest" along with Mayor Edward Owens, mayor of South Boston, Virginia and Governor of Virginia - Governor Terry McAuliffe.  

HCMS Girls Basketball Team Recognized
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8th grade girls basketball team members and their parents were recognized during the last regular season home football game.  Students received flowers and words of congratulations for their last year playing basketball as a "Lion!"

HCMS Students Attend "Jackie and Me" Play
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HCMS students were excited about seeing the live production of "Jackie and Me" held at the Prizery on Thursday, February 16, 2017. Students in Ms. Warren and Mrs. Watkins' classes enjoyed a day of drama and entertainment.  The play teaches young people the degrading and often dangerous life Robinson had to overcome just to play in the major leagues. But equally threaded throughout the story is an unquenchable enthusiasm for baseball, its history and power to connect generations.

8th Grade HCMS Cheerleaders Recognized
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HCMS - 8th grade cheerleaders were recognized for 2016-17 sports participation in Cheerleaders.  HCMS Cheerleaders were honored along with their parents -- cheerleaders were given flowers for outstanding service and participation during their last game cheering as a "Lion!"

HCMS Independent Living Classes Attend "Jackie and Me!" Performance
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Ms. Warren's and Ms. Watkins'  Independent Living Skills classes attended the performance, "Jackie & Me," at The Prizery.  Students were able to make connections to topics taught in class. After the play, students ate lunch at Italian Delight where students engaged in proper table manners, and appropriate community behaviors.    The trip was sponsored by  mini grants awarded by the Halifax County Public Schools Education Foundation.  

7th Grade Students Complete Angiosperms Project
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Students in Mrs. Brenda Scott's Science 7 Honors class completed their study of Angiosperms (flowering plants) by making 3-D flowers with all the parts of the flower.  Pictured are some of the students and their projects.

7th Grade Student Wins Region 7 Contest
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Pictured are 7th grade student - the governor of Virginia and the mayor of South Boston, Virginia presenting the winning certificate and monetary presentation to Skyla Rain in Richmond, Virginia.

SCA Sponsors Valentine Surprise!
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The SCA sponsored a school-wide drawing for some extra "sweet" Valentine treats.   Students had the opportunity to draw for some great prizes on Valentine's Day.  Happy Valentine's Day from the SCA.

HCMS 6th Grade Students Study Geometry
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Mrs. Jennifer Crenshaw's 6th grade math students doing a hands-on geometry activity.

HCMS Spring Sports Announcement
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Spring Sports tryouts will begin on Tuesday, February 21st from 3:10-5:00 pm.  Spring sports include:  baseball, softball, boys soccer, girls soccer, boys track, and girls track.  Please have rides pick you up at 5:00 pm if you do not plan on riding the activity buses.
*Students must have an up-to-date physical form on file in the Athletic Director's Office to participate in tryouts or conditioning.

Baseball conditioning will be on Monday, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after-school.

Softball conditioning will begin on February 6th after-school.

Boys soccer players can participate in high school conditioning on Monday through Thursday after-school until February 21st.  Please meet at the field house after-school if you want to participate.

Girls soccer players conditioning will be on a one-to-one -- contact Mrs. Chinchilla and listen for further details.

7th Grade Science Students Create Terrariums
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Seventh grade students in Mrs. Stafford's Life Science 7 classes enjoyed creating moss terrariums as part of their study of seedless nonvascular plants.  

7th Grade Science Students Create Terrariums
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Seventh grade students in Mrs. Stafford's Life Science 7 classes enjoyed creating moss terrariums as part of their study of seedless nonvascular plants.  

HCMS Students Attend Career Sessions - 2nd Semester
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7th grade students are geared up for 2nd semester Career Awareness Sessions that include businesses and professionals from throughout the community.  Representatives for the 2nd semester will represent the Prizery, Heather Chipps Photography, Halifax County Schools, SVHEC, Summitt, MidAtlantic Broadband Corporation, SVHEC IT Academy, Huber, Benton Thomas, Edward Jones, Benchmark Bank, Reese Farms, Halifax Service Authority/Water Treatment, Hewlett Packard and Climate Control.  Students will get the opportunity to hear the requirements and training needed in the areas of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, Architecture, Construction, Arts, Audio-Video Technology, Communications, Education and Training, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Business Management, Administration, Information Technology and Finance.  All 7th grade students will get the opportunity to witness these sessions and ask questions in according to their interests.

8th Grade Physical Science Class Speaker
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Students in Ms. Hamlett's 8th grade Physical Science class listen attentively as Mr. Coolidge Hamlett, an electronics engineer, and the director of the depot’s Flight Information Systems Division discusses technical theory, machines, jets and military aircraft.  Mr. Hamlett also talked to students about the engineering career and those qualities needed in preparing for a career.

HCMS Life Science Students Build Terrariums
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Seventh grade students in Mrs. Stafford's Life Science 7 classes enjoyed creating moss terrariums as part of their study of seedless nonvascular plants.  

HCMS 6th Grade Math Students Explore Math
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Students in Ms. Crenshaw's Math 6 class are busy exploring the concepts of Geometry. In this class, you’ll likely learn plane and solid geometry - including constructions and measurement formulas.  

HCMS 7th Grade Student Wins "If I Were Mayor" contest
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Skya Rain, 7th grade student at HCMS won the Virginia Municipal League (VMI) - "If I Were Mayor" essay contest for Region 4.  There were 1,200 entries submitted from students across Virginia.  Pictured are Governor Terry McAuliffe and Mayor Edward Owens presenting Skyla her award at the Library of Virginia in Richmond.  Congratulations to Skyla and a thank-you to all students who participated in the "If I Were Mayor" essay contest.

HCMS Students Study Geometry
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Geometry .....  angles ....quadrilaterals, volume!  Mrs. Jennifer Crenshaw's Math 6 students say "Bring it on!"  Don’t be surprised to see your sixth grader finding the area of a three-dimensional shape. For many kids, geometrical thinking is a highlight of middle school math. This part of the curriculum easily lends itself to hands-on exploration, and ties beautifully with art as well.

HCMS Girls and Boys Basketball Seasons Begin!
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                               2016-2017 HCMS Boys and Girls Basketball Schedule 
                                                 Girls 1st Game - Boys 2nd Game

January      9                                 Fieldale-Collinsville (A)              5:00          6:15
                   10                               Bluestone (Pink Night) A           5:45          7:00 
                   12                               Bonner (H)                                5:00          6:15
                   18                               Patrick County (A)                     5:00          6:15
                   19                               Martinsville (A)                          5:00          6:15
                   25                               Westwood (H)                           5:00          6:15
                   27                               Franklin County (H)                  5:00           6:15                   
                   30                               Laurel Park  (A)                        5:00           6:15
February      2                               Fieldale-Collinsville (H)             5:00           6:15 
                    6                                Bonner (A)                                5:00           6:15
                    8                                Patrick County (H)                    6:00           7:15
                  13                                Tournament (1st Round)           TBA
                  15                                Tournament (2nd Round)          TBA
                  16                                Championship Game                 TBA 

HCMS 2016-17 Yearbook Orders
Students and parents interested in purchasing a 2016-17 Halifax County Middle School yearbook may do so online -  If you have questions, please call the school at 572-4100 and ask for Yearbook sponsor, Mrs. Kimberly Gordon.


News Through The Year

HCMS Administration and Teachers Participate In "I Am Determined!" PD
Administrations and teachers participated in the January "I Am Determined" professional development sponsored by TTAC.  Teachers were given an array of activities and strategies to use in building strategies needed for school improvement and instruct .. [Read More]


HCMS Chorus and Band Holiday Concerts
Band and chorus concert - Monday, December 18 at 9:00 a.m. [Read More]


HCMS Book Fair
When:  November 28 - December 8
Where:  HCMS Library  

Please visit the HCMS book fair!  There are wonderful books, games and other items for all ages and enjoyment.  The book fair will be held Monday through Friday from .. [Read More]


HCMS Sponsors Talent Show
Highlights of the talent showcased at Halifax County Middle School. [Read More]


HCMS Sponsors Talent Show
HCMS Administration sponsored its first "HCMS Got Talent Show" on November 22.  Students represented all grades in the talent show with a variety of different talents and entertainment.  Faculty, staff, parents and students enjoyed the appr .. [Read More]


HCMS Guidance Department Shares Bullying Program
The Guidance Department introduced to parents and students during Family Night guidance services and bullying program.  Pictured is Mrs. Tammie Ewell, 7th grade guidance counselor. [Read More]


HCMS - 2016-17 Boys Basketball Team Tryouts
HCMS Boys Basketball Tryouts - 2016-17 Team 
When - Thursday, November 3, 2016
Time - 3:15 p.m. - Gym 
You must have physical form on file before trying out.
If you have questions, contact Athletic Director Justin Saund .. [Read More]


HCMS Observe October Career Awareness Session
Students got the opportunity to attend career sessions in "Manufacturing and Transportation, Health Science and Human Services, Corrections and Security, and Marketing and Hospitality", as local businesses shared job descriptio .. [Read More]


HCMS "Family Night" Highlights
Halifax County Middle School held their first Family Night for this school year on Thursday, October 27, 2016 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  Over 250 parents, students, teachers and staff attended the school event.  This year's Parent Night aimed .. [Read More]


HCMS Family Night Highlights
Parents, teachers and students work together during Family Night at Halifax County Middle School.  Over 250 faculty, staff, students and parents participated in the schoolwide event. [Read More]