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Current Announcements

"HCMS LEGO Team Are Winners!"

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On Saturday, November 21, the members of the HCMS FIRST Lego League Team competed in the FLL VA/DC Regional Tournament held in Staunton, VA.  The competition consisted of 3 parts:  the Robot Game, the Project, and the FLL Core Values.  The team had 6 weeks to build and program an autonomous robot to score points on a themed playing field (Robot Game), develop a solution to a problem they have identified (Project), all guided by the FLL Core Values.  The Robot Game accumulated enough points to give the team a second place finish in the Regional Tournament.  The team also won the first place award for robot design.  On top of both awards the team was also selected as the Regional Alternate for the State Tournament.  

HCMS Recognizes Teachers and Staff

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Teachers were honored with an array of activities during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Administration, SCA and the HCMS PTO celebrated the special week by presenting teachers and staff with various gifts of appreciation, breakfast, strawberry shortcake and hot stuffed baked potato lunches. Teachers were recognized during homeroom with words of encouragement and special thoughts of appreciation.  We salute our HCMS Teachers and Staff for all they do!

"HCMS Sunshine Club Promotes Thankfulness!"

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HCMS Sunshine Club had students to write things they were thankful for.  Pictured are some of the things that students named.

HCMS Teachers Attend Book Review

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HCMS faculty had it's first book review session on the book Explicit Instruction with Dr. Rick Bowmaster as facilitator.  Explicit Instruction by Anita Archer and Charles Hughes defines a direct, engaging and successful system used to promote achievement for all students.  Tools and resources will be shared and discussed that will allow special and general education teachers the opportunity to implement instruction in any grade level or content area.  Teachers attending the book study will be given guidelines for identifying key concepts, strategies, skills and routines needed in teaching and delivering lessons.  The book review is held after school in the HCMS media center.

HCMS Book Fair Is Here!

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Book Fair - November 30 - December 9 (8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.)
Books for all ages!
Stop by and visit the Halifax County Middle School Book Fair.  
"A book will make a special gift!"

Book Fair at HCMS

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Reading is the most important skill you can teach a child. We invite you to the HCMS Book Fair which will be held November 30 - December 9.   Students will be able to shop during their scheduled library time for books and other goodies.  A special invitation is extended to parents and guardians.  Put the HCMS Book Fair on your shopping list for the holiday and join the "reading fun!".  

HCMS PTO Fundraiser Top Sellers

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HCMS PTO Top Fundraisers!  Pictured are students who sold 25 items or more in the schoolwide fundraiser. Top sellers were treated to a limousine ride and luncheon at Italian Delight.  

HCMS Celebrates American Heart Week

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Being physically active is important in preventing heart disease and strokes, the number 1 and number 5 killers. Students in physical education classes got a first-hand lesson on ways to prevent heart disease.  Ms. Leslile Shreve demonstrated and communicated ways to improve heart disease early. Thirty minutes a day, five days a week is an easy goal to remember and to begin your heart physical activity.  All physical education classes had a chance to participate in this heart awareness activity.

HCMS Science Students Complete Cell Projects

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7th grade science students at HCMS have been busy preparing projects on their cell study.  Students were creative in their designs as they illustrated components of the cell as they designed 3-d cell models for display.  

HCMS Resource Officer Conducts Safety Awareness Sessions

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HCMS resource officer, Craig Spencer shared a display of items as he communicated with students on the danger of weapons.  Students had a chance to hear and view items of concern, as Officer Spencer communicated to students ways to build a safe and trusting school environment.     

HCMS Teachers Math & English Night

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Pictured are English and math teachers sharing strategies used to promote their content areas.  Parents and students participated in math and English activities with excitement and enthusiasm.  

HCMS 6th Grade Administrator Silly Stringed!

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6th grade students got to silly-string Mr. Newton on Monday, November 9.  The 6th grade raised the most money from the school-wide fundraiser.  As a reward, students got the opportunity to silly-string Mr. Newton. Pictured are students having a "string of a time!"

HCMS SCA Sponsors Canned Goods Drive

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The Halifax County Middle School SCA will be sponsoring a "CAN HUNGER" food drive.  Students, faculty and staff are asked to support this food drive by bringing non-perishable foods, such as soup, vegetables, pasta, rice, etc.  All canned goods will be donated to a local food bank or charitable organizations.  The homeroom bringing in the most canned goods will win a pizza party.  The canned good drive will run until December 16.

HCMS 7th Grade Science Students Display Projects

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HCMS students in Mrs. J. Coleman's Science 7 classes created cell projects that have been displayed in the showcase of the middle school lobby.  Students used their creativity in designing projects for this assignment.

HCMS Science Students Examine the Matter!

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Mary Hamlett's 8th grade science class examine the matter as they complete a science lab.  

"HCMS English and Math Family Night Highlights"

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Math and English Family Night highlights.

HCMS 2015-16 NJHS Induction"

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Highlights of the Halifax County Middle School National Junior Honor Society Induction ceremony held on Tuesday, October 27 at 6:30 p.m. 

"Let's Get The Physical Reaction" at HCMS!"

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Students in Ms. Hamlett's Physical Science 8 class are experimenting to find the endothermic and exothermic reactions when using calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, phenol red and water. Materials for this lab were supplied by the Halifax Education Foundation.  Students enjoyed this hand-on lab experience.

HCMS Civics 8 Students Study the Amendments

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Students in Mr. Jody Nelson's Civics 8 classes presented projects displaying a pictorial description of the amendments.  Students were creative in their designs and presented the projects to the class.  

"HCMS Math and English Night Excitement!"

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HCMS faculty, parents and students were excited about English and Math Night held on October 29 at 6:30 p.m. Teachers shared VDOE curriculum guidelines, SOL information and instructional strategies implemented during classroom block.  A pizza dinner was served.   

"HCMS 8th Grade Science Students Learn Through Songs"

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Students in Ms. Hamlett's 8th grade physical science class experiment with songwriting and music as they study scientific method.  Pictured are students participating in writing the lyrics using scientific method procedures.

"Math Family Night at HCMS!"

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HCMS will sponsor "Math Family Night!" on Thursday, October 29th from 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. in the middle school cafeteria.  Teachers will discuss SOL information and resources in addition to completing math activities. Dinner will be served.  Come and and enjoy the learning experience.  Please RSVP by Friday, October 16th. 

HCMS Announces October "Mugs and Kisses" Recipient

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Jody Nelson was chosen by faculty and staff as the "October Mugs and Kisses" recipient.  The Mugs and Kisses award is sponsored by Horace Mann Insurance Company.  Mr. Nelson teaches 8th grade Civics and is the head coach of the Halifax County High School baseball team.  Mr. Nelson was presented a certificate and an apple of chocolate kisses.  Congratulations Mr. Nelson - we appreciate all you do!

HCMS Teachers Attend Formative/Summative Assessment Sessions!

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Halifax County Middle School teachers and staff participated in the "Aligning Academic Review and Performance Evaluation" professional development on Tuesday, October 20 with a focus on Standard 4 - Assessment of/for Learning (formative and summative assessments).  Administration served as facilitators in defining the many purposes and uses of assessments, in addition to discussing strengths and gaps in student learning.  An emphasis was placed on the importance of planning while keeping the end goal in mind.  Reflecting on what the student will be able to do, in addition to knowing what the concepts will look like at different stages of student mastery, were shared, defined and discussed.  Teachers participated in small groups as they read and reviewed scenarios in determining assessments for learning.  Teachers were reminded of the role formative assessments play in identifying student strengths and weaknesses - while targeting areas that students needed to work with. (see HCMS webpage for further information)

Students Earn "Halifax Middle School Bucks!"

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Halifax County Middle School faculty and staff will continue their implementation of PBIS - Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports during the 2015-16 school year.  School-wide strategies have been defined, that include proactive procedures for teaching and supporting appropriate student behavior to create a positive and successful school environment.. Students will get a chance to earn Halifax Middle School Bucks for display of appropriate behavior in and out the classroom.  


News Through The Year

HCMS Celebrates Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Week/Safe and Drug Free Schools:  Schools across the nation will celebrate Safe and Drug Free Schools and "National Red Ribbon Week" at the end of the month.  HCMS will celebrate Red Ribbon Week from October 26-30.  T .. Read More


"It's More Pink-Out at HCMS!
Faculty, staff and students support the Pink-Out Friday by dressing in pink.  Pictured are some of the students, faculty and staff participants. Read More


HCMS Physical Science 8 Students Study Density!
Students in Ms. Hamlett's 8th grade physical science class enjoyed the hands-on lab that allowed them the opportunity to combine water, syrup, corn oil and alcohol to view how densities compared to each other. Students also got the opportunity to use diff .. Read More


"Congratulations to HCMS Volleyball Team!"
Halifax County Middle School volleyball award winners are pictured with Coach Lori Meadows and Coach Valerie Compton.  The Lions finished with a 10-3 record and reached the semifinals of the Junior Piedmont District Tournament.  Congratulations .. Read More


"HCMS Algebra I Students Complete License Plate Project"
Students in Mrs. Amy Lewis'  Algebra I classes recently completed the algebra project "Create Your Own License Plate,"  Students had to create their own license plate using mathematics to make one part of the numbers on the lice .. Read More


"Math 7 Students Enjoy Equation Auction!"
Students in Mrs. Christy Crowder's Math 7 classes eagerly participated in the equation activity used to strengthen the students' skills and understanding in solving equations.  Students work in cooperative teams, and were given flags to bid .. Read More


HCMS "Pink-Out Day!"
HCMS students participated in the October "Pink-Out Day!" by wearing pink.  Students and staff dressed in pink for Cancer Awareness Month as the school's SCA provided pink ribbons for parents and friends.  These pink ribbons were handed to& .. Read More


HCMS English Night On October 29th!
HCMS English Family night will be held on Thursday, October 29th from 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. in the middle school cafeteria.  Teachers will discuss SOL information and resources and also complete English activities. Dinner will be served.  Come o .. Read More


HCMS Congratulates HCPS Grant Recipients
Congratulations to the following teachers for receiving the 2015-16 HCPS Education Foundation Mini-Grants:
Janet Dunn - "Chemicals and Their Reactions"
Sarah Graves - "Crossing of the Dan Commemoration"
Mary Hamlett - " .. Read More


HCMS Celebrates "Read Aloud To A Child Week!"
HCMS media specialist Carolyn Coleman will be reading to assigned classes in observance of "Read Aloud To A Child Week!" being observed on October 18-24.  Encourage your child to read daily!  Plan to visit the middle school Book Fair in Nov .. Read More