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Current Announcements

HCMS Sponsors Faculty vs Students Basketball Game

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Basketball action with the Halifax County Middle School faculty and staff competing against the Lions girls and boys basketball teams will be held on December 19.  Come out and see the faculty and staff and the student teams in action as they "shoot the hoop!" in what's guaranteed to be some great fun and fantastic basketball action.

HCMS Benchmark Testing Dates

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HCMS students will begin benchmark testing on December 8 - 12.  The testing schedule is as follows:
 -  December 8 - 7th and 8th Grade Science Benchmarks
 -  December 9 - 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies Benchmarks 
 -  December 10 - 6th, 7th and 8th Grade English Benchmarks 
 -  December 11 - 7th and 8th Grade Math Benchmarks 
                             6th Grade English Benchmarks (2 sections)
 -  December 12 - 6th Grade Math Benchmark 
 -  December 15 - Makeups
 -  December 16 - 6th Grade Science Post Test 
 -  December 17 - 6th Grade Social Studies Post Test

HCMS Students Donate To Community Project

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Mrs. Kelli Douglas' seventh-grade homeroom donated 262 cans to the HCMS Student Council Association's annual canned food drive.  Canned goods will be donated to Serving Hope, a food pantry serving our community. The Student Council Association donated 2,026 non-perishable items to Serving Hope after a two-week food drive. The class stands with Serving Hope's director Steven Gray Lloyd. 

HCMS Recognizes 7th Grade Highest Attendance

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Students in Mrs. Sanford's homeroom were recognized for having the highest percentage of attendance (97%) for the month of November.  Congratulations to these students!

HCMS Students Beautify for the Holidays!

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Students were busy beautifying HCMS as many prepare for the winter break and upcoming holidays.  Students put trimmings on a beautiful white festive tree that can be seen as you enter the main office of the school. Red, white and blue trees are also lit in recognition of those who are serving our country. Pictured are those students who have taken time from their busy school schedule to add finishing touches to the office beautification. Students are working hard in bringing their end-of-semester academic tasks to a successful end.  

HCMS Robotics Program Receives Grant

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The Halifax County Middle School robotics program received a $5,500 grant from Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation.  HCMS robotics teacher Regan Priest accepted the donation from Mid-Atlantic Vice President Greg Lytz, accompanied by Steve Anderson, president of the Halifax Education Foundation, the grant recipient.  Mr. Priest plans to use the money to assist in maintaining the Lego robotics program. Materials such as a laptop, programming software, Lego competition kits, team competition shirts and refreshments for students during their summer training. The grant also will help to pay for student transportation during summer training.  Congratulations!

HCMS Announces "Band and Chorus Holiday Concert"

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The HCMS Music Department announces its "Band and Chorus Holiday Concert" to be held on Thursday, December 11 at 7:00 p.m., in the Halifax County High School auditorium.  All are invited!

"HCMS 7th Grade English Students Study Text Aids!"

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Students in Ms. Sara McBride's English 7 class worked on text aids.  Students worked creatively as they cut out examples from magazines and newspapers to make their own posters. Students used comprehension skills when selecting, reading and interpreting a variety of print and non-print informational texts as they worked to create an end product. At the completion of the task, the teacher and students reviewed the directions to determine what features of text aids were used (bold print, graphics, numbered, etc.) and posted them in the classroom for further viewing.

HCMS Teachers Attend AARPE Work Session!

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Halifax County Middle School faculty attended a AARPE work session.  AARPE stands for "Aligning Academic Review and Performance Evaluation.  Different topics and areas of discussion were led by administration and faculty.  Faculty and staff defined strategies needed in implementing more rigor into instruction, teacher evaluations, assessments and lesson plans.  The work session was held from 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Teachers enjoyed a delicious meal before the work session started.     

HCMS Yearbook Orders Being Taken!

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Students that have already ordered a yearbook or will order one before January 1st will be entered in a drawing for a package of autograph pens. The two winners will be notified when we come back to school in January.  Order your yearbook online or contact Ms. Sara McBride at HCMS (572-4100) to order one for $30. The price will go up to $35 on January 1st!  


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Book Fair at HCMS

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Reading is the most important skill you can teach a child. We invite you to the HCMS Book Fair which will be held December 1 - 9.   Students will be able to shop during their scheduled library time for books and other goodies.  A special invitation is extended to parents and guardians.  Put the HCMS Book Fair on your shopping list for the holiday and join the "reading fun!".  

HCMS 6th Grade Team Recognized for Highest Attendance Percentage

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Miss D. Coles' homeroom was recognized for having the highest percentage of attendance for the month of October.  The class proudly celebrates a 98% attendance rate.  Students were congratulated for this accomplishment and received candy as a token of appreciation.  

McDonald's Supports HCMS!

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McDonald's recently contributed a donation to Halifax County Middle School for participating in McTeacher's Night.  

HCMS Students Celebrate School Pride!

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Pictured are just a few of the many students who showed their school pride by wearing orange and blue. 

HCMS Math Night!

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Halifax County Middle School staff planned an informative and exciting Math Night on Thursday, October 30 for parents and students.  More than 150 parents and students attended to learn new SOL information and to become aware of the many strategies and tips needed for student success.  Teachers informed parents of ways they could assist their child in completing assignments.  Math games that could be used for family night were shared.  Everyone had a great fun-filled evening.  A hotdog supper was served with the fixings.  

6th Grade Math Students Find Probability

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6th grade students in Mrs. J. Crenshaw's math class collected data in finding the probability using Skittles.  Data was collected and compiled into a table.  Students were able to predict the specified outcome, collect and organize data, interpret graphs and communicate using probability terms.  


News Through The Year

HCMS Boys and Girls Basketball Action!

Join the Halifax County Middle School faculty, staff and student body as they celebrate the start of their winter sports program.  The next girls and boys basketball game will be held on December 18 at 5:00 p.m.  The Lions will meet Laurel Pa

.. Read More


HCMS announces "Parent-Teacher Conferences"
"Parent-Teacher Conferences" will be held at Halifax County Middle School on Thursday, December 4, 2014 from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.  All parents and guardians are invited to attend. Read More


HCMS Publications Class Hosts Burger King Night
Join the HCMS yearbook and newspaper staff as they host Burger King tonight at the Centerville restaurant. Come out and support the Lions - 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.   .. Read More


HCMS Announces "English Night!"
Halifax County Middle School will sponsor "English Night" on Thursday, November 20 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the middle school cafeteria.  Parents will get the chance to talk to teachers as they share SOL information and resources.  Parents .. Read More


HCMS Honors Veterans
HCMS faculty, staff and student body paused on November 11 to give honor and show appreciation to all Veterans.  HCMS faculty and staff saluted middle school veterans with a moment of silence.  Mr. Ben Woosley sang the National Anthem .. Read More


HCMS Honors Faculty and Staff Veterans
HCMS honor those veteran faculty and staff members on Tuesday, November 11 with a special tribute and appreciation for their service in the armed forces.  Pictured are Aubrey Mitchell, Toni Perkins, Officer Edmunds, Robert Asbury, William Curtis, Rob .. Read More


HCMS 8th Grade Motivational Session!
8th grade students met together to discuss end of the 9-weeks accomplishments.  Ms. Bruce discussed with students the importance of doing your best daily, following all rules and setting goals while working to be successful.   .. Read More


HCMS Participate In McTeacher's Night
Halifax County Middle School faculty and staff partnered with McDonald's as they participated in "McTeacher's Night!"  Middle school staff worked in both restaurants as they took orders from the drive-thru,  greeted customers and prepared o .. Read More


HCMS 6th Grade Students Attend STEM Activities
Halifax County Middle School students participated in the "You Are the Engineer of Your Career!" sponsored at SVHEC.  Pictured are students listening to a presentation and first-hand use of a laser scanner in reproducing an object. Read More


HCMS Complete Marshmallow Challenge
Students experienced simple but profound lessons in collaboration, innovation, and creativity as they attempt to engineer the tallest structure using spaghetti, tape, string and a marshmallow. Read More