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Tech Tuesdays
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The Instructional Technology Resource Teachers are offering after school technology sessions on Tuesdays.  The sessions are held at the STEM Center in S133. To register for the sessions, please  click here


News Through The Year

Third Grade Hands-On Math Activity
Students in Ms. Howell's third grade math class have been working on counting coins, comparing amounts of money, and making change.  Students worked in pairs to practice these skills using a store menu, coins, and dollar bills.  This… [ Read More ]


"Attendance Awareness Month" Celebrated at Scottsburg Elementary
 "Attendance Awareness Month" was held during the month of September to promote daily school attendance for all students, faculty, and staff.  At Scottsbug Elementary, a total of 86 students had perfect attendance with no late check-in, or… [ Read More ]


Special Olympic Participants at Scottsburg Elementary

Students at Scottsburg Elementary in Ms. Ferrell's and Mrs. Scotts' classes enjoyed participating in the soccer competition held during the Area 15 Special Olympics.  Everyone had a great time kicking the soccer ball down the field and…

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A Generous Donation for Scottsburg Elementary School
Scottsburg Elementary recently received a special surprise when members of the Old School Car Club of Alton, Virginia, arrived at school with winter coats, clothes, shoes, and personal hygiene items for students.  Ms. Sherry Cowan, principal,…
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A Tasty Math Lesson in Second Grade
Second grade students in Ms. Roller's class at Scottsburg Elementary demonstrated their understanding of place value by using crackers, pretzels, and marshmallows to represent base-ten blocks. 

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Scottsburg Elementary's Pirate Exploration
Scottsburg Elementary's librarian, Ms. Ashley White took students into a world of pirates during library time!  Each grade level read a pirate themed book and did various pirate activities.  Such activities included:  exploring the…
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Students of the Month for October 2017 at Scottsburg Elementary
Congratulations to the students of the month for October.  At Scottsburg Elementary, each class has a student of the month.The student is given a certificate, and it is posted outside of his or her door for the entire month.  To be chosen for… [ Read More ]


Traveling Around the World At Scottsburg Elementary
 Aloha!  Scottsburg Elementary's EGP students in second grade recently traveled around the world in Destination Imagination.  Their first stop was Hawaii.  Students were greeted with leis and Hawaiian music.  They… [ Read More ]


Farm-to-School Program at Scottsburg Elementary
Fifth graders at Scottsburg Elementary recently participated in the Farm-to-School Program.  During the program, the students learned a lesson on the value of buying local produce, how to grow sweet potatoes, and the nutritional value of a…
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Fourth Grade Character Analysis Reading Activity
At Scottsburg Elementary, students in Mrs. Conner's fourth grade reading class completed a character analysis of "Stormy" from the story Stormalong.  Students used graphic organizers… [ Read More ]