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Governor McAuliffe and the Commonwealth of Virginia want to know if you are online. If you are in need of internet service please take a moment to answer a few questions regarding your need. Responses will be mapped and shared with policy makers to stimulate broadband policy and funding discussions throughout the remainder of the administration.  Please click here to complete this quick survey.


News Through The Year

SBES Tout the Teacher Winner
Mrs. Heather Snead is shown accepting her prize for winning the "Tout the Teacher" contest.  She is accepting her gift from Delegate James Edmonds. Congratulations Mrs. Snead! [Read More]


SBES Book Fair Soars to Success!
With a gracious donation from the SBES PTO in the amount of $300, Mr. Vaiden, our school Librarian, reached his goal of $9000.00 in Scholastic book fair sales.  Of the $9011.31 in total sales, our school will receive 50%, which is $4505.56 in Sc .. [Read More]


Crazy About Apples
Students in Mrs. Grant's kindergarten class at South Boston Elementary completed their apple unit on Friday,September 30th.  All week long, the class used apples in their instruction from story sequencing and discussion, to patterns, graphing, life c .. [Read More]


SBES Diversity Crayon Activity
Mrs. Jones' 2nd grade class at South Boston Elementary had a colorful time studying diversity with the story "The Crayon Box That Talked" by Shane DeRolf.  "This is a book about a box of crayons that do not get along with each other.  In the sto .. [Read More]


SBES First Graders Are "Bugging Into Science" With Live Insects
Thanks to a generous grant from Halifax County Public Schools Education Foundation, first graders at South Boston Elementary are witnessing the live metamorphosis of butterflies and ladybugs. [Read More]


SBES Second Grade Has Fun With Math
Second grade students at South Boston Elementary School had the opportunity to build math concepts in a fun and engaging manner using math manipulatives.  Students were actively engaged as they explored measurement, money, time, place value, and frac .. [Read More]


"Eggs"travagant Learning "Eggs"perience
Mrs. Rich's kindergarteners have been learning about the life cycle of many different things, including chicks.  The students had the chance to experience in the classroom the changes chicks and ducklings make.  They started them from eggs in an .. [Read More]


We're All A-Flutter In Kindergarten!
South Boston Elementary School Kindergarteners have been learning about the life cycle of many different things, one of them being a butterfly.  The students had the chance to experience in their classroom the changes a butterfly makes.  Startin .. [Read More]


SBES 4th Graders Research Virginia's Most Important People
The 4th grade students at South Boston Elementary School designed, researched, and identified Virginia's Most Important People.  The people are identified in the SOLs and curriculum guide.  The students worked in groups in each Virginia Studies .. [Read More]


SBES Special Olympics Bowlers
Several South Boston Elementary School students recently participated in the Special Olympics Bowling event at the World of Sports. Students are shown proudly wearing the award ribbons they received from their teachers. [Read More]