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News Through The Year

We're All A-Flutter In Kindergarten!
South Boston Elementary School Kindergarteners have been learning about the life cycle of many different things, one of them being a butterfly.  The students had the chance to experience in their classroom the changes a butterfly makes.  Startin .. Read More


SBES 4th Graders Research Virginia's Most Important People
The 4th grade students at South Boston Elementary School designed, researched, and identified Virginia's Most Important People.  The people are identified in the SOLs and curriculum guide.  The students worked in groups in each Virginia Studies .. Read More


SBES Special Olympics Bowlers
Several South Boston Elementary School students recently participated in the Special Olympics Bowling event at the World of Sports. Students are shown proudly wearing the award ribbons they received from their teachers. Read More


SBES Celebrated Read Across America
South Boston Elementary School celebrated Read Across America honoring the March 2nd birthday of Dr. Seuss with fun Seuss props and a final Reading is Fundamental (RIF) book selection.  Thank you Dollar General for funding RIF for our school and than .. Read More


Getting "SMART" in Kindergarten at SBES
Students in Mrs. Grant's kindergarten class at South Boston Elementary School have been getting "SMART" with their new SMARTBoard games that were purchased with money from the 2015-2016 Teachers Mini-Grant.  Students have been playing phonics games, .. Read More


Jamestown Outreach Foundation Comes to SBES
Fourth grade students at South Boston Elementary School enjoyed a classroom program from the Jamestown Outreach Foundation, "Life at Jamestown".  Students explored replicas of colonial clothing, tools, trade materials, and food. They discussed the im .. Read More


SBES Celebrates Read Across America
Kindergarten students at South Boston Elementary School celebrated Read Across America on Wednesday, March 2, 2016.  Associate Principal Stephanie Watts kicked off the day by reading her favorite Dr. Seuss book, The Sneeches, to the kindergart .. Read More


SBES 3rd Graders Dissect Owl Pellets
Thanks to the support of the Halifax County Public Schools Education Foundation, students in 3rd grade at South Boston Elementary had the opportunity to dissect owl pellets in order to further their knowledge of the food chain. Students were actively enga .. Read More


The SBES Water Cycle Investigation
Evaporation, condensation, precipitation all the time; this is called the Water Cycle and it happens all the time!  Mrs. Jones' class at South Boston Elementary created their own water cycle in a bag experiment as part of their investigative weather .. Read More


Happy Halloween from SBES
South Boston Elementary wishes everyone a safe and happy Halloween! Read More